This technology is almost like giving the surgeons an extra hand, allowing them to perform minimally-invasive procedures with greater precision, fewer complications and faster recovery.

The technology allows surgeons to perform minimally-invasive procedures with greater precision while reducing blood loss and recovery time. In the end, our patients are getting back to their lives faster and more fully than ever before. At Backus/Windham Hospital, we're putting the right technology in the right hands. We've embraced robotic advancements and our operating rooms feature three/two different types of technology, including:

Globus ExcelciusGPS™ Robotic Surgery

It's revolutionizing spine surgery by allowing surgeons to operate more precisely than ever, meaning fewer complications and faster recoveries for patients.
The Future of Spine Surgery

The Da Vinci® Surgical System

Bringing maximum precision to minimally invasive surgery.

With smaller, more maneuverable robotic–controlled instruments, it lets our surgeons perform prostatectomies and hysterectomies more precisely—with fewer complications. 

Maximum Precision

Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology

By providing surgeons with a 3D virtual model of your knee or hip, Mako allows them to operate with amazing precision and smaller incisions—leading to better results for joint replacement patients.

Enhancing Surgical Expertise